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Shipping Policy

We usually ship out twice a week through UPS or USPS. If you need quicker shipping - Next Day or 2 or 3 Day, please call us (802-263-5547) and we will get your package out sooner. We are a small, family operation and don’t usually ship every day.

Return & Exchange Policy

All of our products are fully guaranteed. If your package has breakage, or you are dissatisfied in any way, let us know. We will replace or refund on return of package, or replace any breakage. Just let us know in the “contact us” tab.

How long do your products keep?

Cider Jelly will keep almost indefinitely, like honey or vinegar. The same is true of boiled cider, although we recommend refrigeration after opening. Maple syrup needs to be kept in the fridge after opening, and the maple flavor stays strongest if the opened syrup not used in a month or two is kept in the freezer.

Are your apples unsprayed?

Unfortunately, it is very hard to grow unsprayed apples, especially in the Northeast, where rain and humidity tend to increase fungal disease. But all the orchards who supply our apples, use Integrated Pest Management (IPM). That means that the orchard is monitored for insects, both beneficial and destructive (for apples) and if natural predators or weather are controlling the spread of “bad” insects there is no need to spray. Spraying costs orchards a significant amount in both dollars, time, and equipment, so IPM management helps both the consumer and the orchard. This is a great improvement over the old days years ago when orchards tried to create a sterile, insect-free orchard, and the main insecticide used was lead arsenic.

Someone gave me a bottle of boiled cider, what the heck do I do with it?

Add a little to any apple dish recipe. Use it as a glaze on pork or chicken or salmon, or as a dipping sauce with Chinese food. Make a salad vinaigrette. Try it on granola or oatmeal or pancakes. Reconstitute with hot or cold water or seltzer. Try it with whiskey. See our recipe page.

Your maple syrup costs more than what I can find at my supermarket- why should I get yours?

Almost all sugar makers who retail syrup keep their better syrup to sell to their customers, and get rid of bulk syrup of sometimes lesser quality to large packing companies. At the supermarket you generally get a mix from a number of producers, often using pretty advanced techniques, that make (in our opinion) syrup of lesser flavor than we make on our wood fired evaporator.

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